How i started this blog & made it online in just 24 Hours

In this tutorial we will learn How i started this blog and made it online step by step.

It consists of three simple steps. Here is what i did

Step 1 : Buying a Domain name

I bought a domain from one of the cheapest and best domain registering services.I went with as it was a great name for me so i choose to go with that.

Step 2 :Buy hosting space

Then for hosting your website files you need to rent a server on the web. This can be done buy buying hosting services like mediatemple , Hosting24 and bluehost. I did some research and found that mediatemple was a premium hosting service provider with great support for their customers and their GRID system sounds promising to keep my sites alive even when it gets a lots of visitors suddenly. So i bought a GRID plan and while i was searching for savings I found this dedicated site which specially offer only mediatemple coupons  which i used to get a good discount on my hosting plan at mediatemple.

Step 3 : Creating a wordpress blog

createworklive wordpress blog

This is the main and hard part for a few. But with wordpress it becomes easy. I installed wordpress on my domain and my site is up and running in no time.Now my site was live and i was able to access it on the internet.

Hope you enjoyed my article on how i created this site from the start. Let me know if you have any doubts on how to buy your domain name to how to host your sites on the hosting services.