My WPEngine Review & Special Offer Codes

WP Engine Review 2019

Today I am going to review one of the best managed WordPress Hosting providers WPEngine. So if you have a good traffic website and you wanted a managed WordPress Hosting Providers they are the one for you considering they are dedicated to providing and focusing only on WordPress Hosting and Support.


WP Engine has provided a special offer code for this month of may. Use the ones below to get a discount on their WordPress hosting plans.

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They offer many plans starting at 29$ per month to 299$ per month and also custom plans . The plans are based on the total number of views your website has. So if your website is having about 100,000 views they have the plan for you. Here are the plans they have listed in their website.


I will elaborate on this plans features for your better understanding.

    • 1 WordPress Install – You can host one WordPress Site with this plan
    • 25K VISITS/MONTH – This gives you 25k visitors per month. So you can host a website that has up to 25k visitors per month in this plan.
  • They offer 10 GB Data Storage And Unlimited Data Transfer

Other plans are self-explanatory with my above explanation.


 Up to 10 WordPress Installations


Up to 25 WordPress Installations


Up to 150 WordPress Installations


Up to 150 WordPress Installs


Customer support is an important factor in my reviews of any services online. WP Engine offers one of the best Customer support through email , phone and online chat systems. If you have any problem you can call them directly to get the issue fixed. All the support staff are well trained and have a good knowledge about how WordPress works so they will be able to answer almost all your questions regarding your WordPress Website.


For a web hosting company their server speeds must be reviewed. WPEngine servers are all WordPress Optimized servers which have their own caching system ! and they use one of the best CDN service ( delivery of files to your visitors from their closest location ) by MaxCDN to speed up your website. So overall your website will be at its maximum performance using their optimized servers.


Overall their WordPress Hosting is the best one to go for if you have a WordPress sites that has high volume of visitors per month and you wanted a dedicated team handling your servers when there is a spike in traffic. This hosting provider will make sure your site has no problems when you have viral traffic.

Best Online Marketing Automation Softwares

Today i am going to write about Online Marketing Automation Softwares. If you have an online business these automation software’s will help you to automate your sales process and thus improving your business profits and make scaling of your business easy.

There are many tools online for marketing automation like Infusionsoft , Ontraport, Salesforce, MarketHero ( not launched yet) etc.

Advantages of using Marketing automation software or CRM’s 

These software’s help us automate the whole sales process. Yes i said that right , the whole sales process can be automated. You don’t have to do anything expect to sell your products and these software’s will automate the whole sales funnel once setup. You can create upsells , down sells. Send out action driven emails like when a customer purchases product 1 send them a recommendation email for product 2 which they might be interested in purchasing too. Like this there are thousands of automated processes you can do with these softwares.

Imagine the power of such automation software’s which can track each customer and what they buy and how much each customer is worth. This can help you in making a decision how much you can invest on acquiring a lead and how much you can make out of a lead. I have mentioned the best Marketing Automation Softwares below.

Best Marketing Automation Softwares :


Ontraport, previously known as autopilot on the contrary, is easy to use than infusionsoft ( for me ). It has less bells and whistles than infusionsoft but it gets the job done.

Check out Ontraport plans and pricing below.It starts at only 79$ and goes all the way up to 597$ for the Team Plan and they even have a custom plan if you wanted one.And each additional user costs 47$ / month. So if you have 10 users in your company who want to use the software then that alone would cost you 470$.


Infusiosoft is the leading marketing software. It has tons of features which you can use to automate your business. But based on my experience with infusionsoft, it is not easy to use. You have to learn a lot of things before you can setup an automated process.

Unlike Ontraport the number of users is included in the pricing of the Infusionsoft plans. That’s a good thing for you if you wanted more than 1 user to use Infusionsoft on your company.

Check out Infusionsoft plans and pricing below. It starts at 199$ per month for its basic essentials plan and goes all the way up to 599$ for team plan. But that cost also includes the number of user’s, unlike Ontraport.


Salesforce is one of the best choices but their plans are highly-priced than other marketing software’s out there.

Some other alternatives

Marketo , Aweber ( only for email marketing automation ) are some alternatives you can try if you only wanted to automate the email marketing part of your online business.

If you are still confused you can visit this Marketing automation software comparison website for a complete comparison. You can also read a full in-depth infusionsoft vs ontraport comparison here if you like, which helped me to choose my automation software easily without going through various sites.

Hope you liked this article. Also let me know in the comments if you have any questions and which software you like.

Update and Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year to all  my readers. Best of luck and don’t ever give up on your dream.

Update : I just came back home after a long trip to India. Spent almost more than 4 months there and enjoyed living in india. I have planned so many trips around the world and

I have planned so many trips around the world and i have been concentrating on improving my online business. Subscribe to my blog to keep updated.

How i started this blog & made it online in just 24 Hours

In this tutorial we will learn How i started this blog and made it online step by step and how you can too just by following what i did below

It consists of three simple steps. Here is what i did

Step 1 : Buying a Domain name

A domain is a name for your site which will be used to access your site on the web rather than using an IP address which is hard to remember.There are many domain vendors out there like Namecheap , network solutions , Godaddy. I bought a domain from one of the cheapest and best domain registering services.I liked the name CreateWorkLive as its simple and easy to remember and it was a great name for me so i bought that name with a .com tld extension.

Step 2 :Buy hosting space

Then for hosting your website files you need to rent a server on the web. This can be done buy buying hosting services like mediatemple , Hosting24 and bluehost. I did some research and found that mediatemple was a premium hosting service provider which has a great support for their customers and their GRID system sounds promising to keep my sites alive even when it gets a lots of visitors suddenly. So i bought a GRID plan and while i was searching for some discounts using coupons. I found a site on google which specially offer only coupons for mediatemple hosting. If you are going to use mediatemple (mt) you can use these mediatemple coupons  which i used to get a good discount on my Grid hosting plan.

Step 3 : Creating a WordPress blog



This is the main and hard part for a few. But with WordPress it becomes easy. I installed WordPress on my domain and my site is up and running in no time.Now my site was live and i was able to access it on the internet.You can learn more about WordPress on Wikipedia here

Hope you enjoyed my article on how i created this site from the start. Let me know if you have any doubts on how to buy your domain name to how to host your sites on the hosting services.

Digital Ocean Review and Promo Code

Hai there today I would like to review Digital Ocean one of the top growing VPS providers. Hope you will get to like my review. If your site is having more traffic and your shared hosting is slowing your site then the digital ocean is the best and cheap choice to take your site speed to a whole new level!

Digital ocean is an American VPS provider.The features of Digital Ocean are Bandwidth and SSD Hard Disk.Also, use the best Digital Ocean Promo code provided at this Digital Ocean Promo Codes facebook profile or visit to get 10$ Free Credit on new signups

Here are some locations where you can create a droplet on digitalocean. The closer the droplet location to your majority visitors the faster will be your site.

DigitalOcean Hosting Review


The package starts from 1 TB transfer per month and if it exceeds you have to pay 2 cents for every 1 GB. Their virtual servers are called droplets. They have 1 Giga bit data transfer per second.


Digital Ocean provides you with high-speed SSD Hard Disk and you can enlarge the RAM using swap files. It provides you with better I / O performance. You can experience it when you have a lot of read / write operations.


Here things can be get done faster.With a dedicated IP and root address, you can deploy an SSD cloud server in less than 55 seconds.


SSD cloud server starts at less than 1 cent / hour. It cost $5 / month which includes 512MB of memory and 20GB SSD disk.


For a single VPS server with 512 RAM, 1 TB of transfer and 20 GB of disk space you have to pay $5 / month. For additional bandwidth transfer it costs 2 cents / GB. There are other plans going up to 10 TB with 96 GB RAM.


Every service provider has its own pros and cons based on their features. Digital Ocean and Linode provides the same 512 RAM but the bandwidth differs. Linode offers 200 GB transfer and Digital Ocean Offers 1 TB transfer. So from the Digital Ocean’s extra high bandwidth it is proven that you expand your website with more media files, you are highly likely to benefit. But Digital Ocean offers with high-speed SSD hard disk and is useful when there are a lot of CPU read / write operations. Coming to CPU power, Linode provides you with 4 core whereas Digital Ocean provides 1 core. The price you pay for Digital Ocean is $5 / month and you will get almost the same features, the only thing is Linode offers you with 4 core for $20 / month. In Digital Ocean, you get more flexibility in running your apps and managing the servers.For best offers $10 / month package is the best.

Travelling and making money on the Go !

Hello everyone ,

I am now traveling on a plane while i write this post to visit one of my favorite countries – India and also making some good money while traveling.

If you have not started your blog yet you can check out my post about How to create a blog and make it online in 24 Hours and get your blogging journey started.

See you soon with an update.

Check out my other posts on my blog on how to create an online website easily and earn a living while travelling.